Sir John Houblon

Sir John Who-blon?

Sir John Houblon. You must have heard of him: first governor of the Bank of England. He was such an important and influential chap that they chose to depict him on the back of the £50 note.

What? On the highest denomination note of the realm?

That's right. In 1994, the Bank of England celebrated its 300th anniversary by depicting Sir John on the new £50 note.

How come they chose him then?

Well, I have it on very good authority that people depicted on Bank of England notes must have a well-established record of excellence in their field of endeavour, and their achievements have to merit such commemoration; so I guess Sir John must be somewhat more deserving than it would appear to the likes of you and me. Strange how I couldn't find his name in an Encyclopædia Britannica CD-ROM search.

Sounds like jobs for the boys to me

I couldn't possibly comment.

This article was published in 1999.

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