The slug slayer?

Last week, I wrote:

For the first four years that I lived in this house, the garden was literally plagued by slugs: thousands and thousands of slugs. But, for the last two years, the number of slugs has dropped considerably. I'm not sure why this should be—a combination of an unusually dry summer last year, and more dilligent weeding by yours truly is my best guess…

Well, perhaps I might have to revise my reason-for-slug-dearth hypothesis. Look what I saw in the garden this afternoon:

Woodmouse eating a slug in my garden
A woodmouse eating a slug

OK, I admit it doesn't seem likely that all my slugs have been eaten by mice, but I was pretty amazed to see a mouse eating a slug in the first place.

I was even more amazed to be able to get so close to this little chap. In fact, I managed to get so close that my macro lens couldn't focus on him. That's very close indeed. If you look very carefully at some of the other photos I took, you can just make out my reflection in his eye.

Richard Carter, FCD

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