Natural Selection still in action in the Pennines

A wary rabbit yesterday.

It was an unseasonably glorious day here in West Yorkshire yesterday, so I went for a traipse on the moors. Everywhere I looked, nature seemed to think spring was in the air: the moss was greener, a stonechat was staking out his territory on some fenceposts, and I even saw my first lamb of the year. That's a lamb on February the Ninth. There's climate change for you.

The rabbits were out as well. Dozens of them. Spring had definitely sprung as far as they were concerned: they were acting decidedly friskily.

All very idyllic, I thought. But then I came across something to remind me that, even on a glorious day like yesterday, with spring just around the corner, nature is forever red in tooth and claw:

Rabbit's skull
A less wary rabbit yesterday.

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