Herbertia darwinii

Brand new Friends of Charles Darwin member Germán Roitman, FCD, of Pilar, Argentina writes:

Dear Richard:

As a botanist I have a great admiration about Charles Darwin, and in 2008 I had the chance to publish and dedicate a new species of Iridaceae to Charles Darwin in commemoration of his 200th birth anniversary. Herbertia darwinii is a bulb plant that grow in grasslands in Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil.

Please find enclose a picture and a drawing of the plant, and the paper.

Its a pleasure for me to join the Friends of Charles Darwin webpage.

Best regards

Germán Roitman

I have to say, Herbertia darwinii is a stunning flower:

Herbertia darwinii
Herbertia darwinii
Photo courtesy of Germán Roitman
Herbertia darwinii
Herbertia darwinii

See also: Herbertia darwinii (Iridaceae: Tigridieae: Cipurinae), a new species from South America (PDF) by G. Roitman and A. Castillo.

Richard Carter, FCD

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