20-Feb-1828: Charles Darwin meets Richard Dawkins!

On Ash Wednesday, 20th February, 1828, five young men from Christ’s College, Cambridge signed their names in the 'Books of subscriptions for degrees', thereby becoming undergraduates at the university. John van Wyhe’s excellent booklet Darwin in Cambridge includes an image of their signatures:

Darwin’s matriculation document
Darwin’s matriculation document.

That’s right, back in 1829, Charles Robert Darwin and Richard Dawkins stood shoulder-to-shoulder to confirm in writing that they were fully paid-up members of the Church of England.

I think Prof. Dawkins might have some explaining to do.

Richard Carter, FCD

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  1. There are records for Richard Dawkins being christened in 1805 Hampshire and 1807 Buckingham. Also just a month after Charles Darwin on 12 Mar 1809 in Leicester.
    Richard Dawkins has walked on Mars (as a Commander in 1859).
    Later as Captain, he was the last man to leave the sinking HMS Vanguard after it was accidentally rammed by HMS Iron Duke in 1875.

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