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The Dickens Connection

Dickens, FitzRoy and how a tragic loss at sea spurred efforts to forecast storms.

Will a new HMS Beagle set sail in 2013?

The Beagle Project's Peter McGrath, writing in the Guardian Notes & Theories blog.

People want to see the Beagle

The Beagle Project's Karen James on this week's Guardian Science Podcast.

Kids and dinosaurs

Kids love dinosaurs. Kids love science. I wonder what we do to so many of them to drive away their natural sense of wonder.


I've produced another of my hilarious Beagle Project promo videos.

Blogs in Space!!

HOLY CRAP!! The Beagle Project has a blog post written on board the International Space Station by astronaut Mike Barratt.

Baby's first podcast

This afternoon, the Beagle Project's Director of Science, Dr Karen James, and I recorded a podcast, which I have named 'Messages from Above', for reasons which will become apparent if you listen to it.

Friends in high places

The Beagle Project chaps receive email from the International Space Station.

That's Magic!

Video featuring yours truly.

The Beagle Project's first podcast

…recorded in deepest Wales, is online now. And top-notch stuff it is too.