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‘Nature Writing’ Facebook page and Flipboard magazine

I have decided to start ‘curating’ a Facebook page and corresponding Flipboard magazine to share links to new online ‘Nature Writing’ articles.

Treating stupid questions with more respect

Dismissing naïve questions as stupid is not going to win anyone over to the enlightened cause.

Darwin groupie's study

My Darwin groupie's study is finally complete!

44 not out

It's my 44th birthday.

Darwin serves me lunch

Caterer bears an uncanny resemblance to famous scientist.

Serendipity do dah!

Pleasing coincidence in Darwin photo file number.

Happy Norman Day!

It's my dad's 74th birthday.


Those awfully nice chaps over at the Beagle Project have assimilated me into their Beagle blogging collective.

A Room of One's Own

In which I move into my new study.


What kind of saddo spends his birthday writing about the sexual organs of barnacles?