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The great Darwin fossil hunt

In which a friend beyond measure arranges a behind-the-scenes visit to the Natural History Museum to see fossils collected by Charles Darwin during the Beagle voyage.

20-Feb-1835: Darwin witnesses an earthquake

On 20th February, 1835, Charles Darwin was lying down in a wood having a rest in Valvidia, Southern Chile, when he experienced a major earthquake.

11th July, 1836: Darwin visits Napoleon

Towards the end of her second voyage, HMS Beagle called at the island of St Helena in the South Atlantic. Darwin took the opportunity to visit the grave of St Helena's most famous former occupant (and prisoner), Napoleon Bonaparte.

12th February, 1834: Darwin's 25th birthday, Patagonia

How Charles Darwin spent his 25th birthday.

The HMS Beagle Olympics

Held on Christmas Day, 1831, at Port Desire in Patagonia.

A miserable birthday aboard HMS Beagle

On Charles Darwin's miserable 23rd birthday (his first aboard HMS Beagle).

185 years ago today...

On 22nd May, 1826, His Majesty's Ship 'Beagle' set sail from Plymouth on a surveying voyage to South America.

Serendipitous juxtaposition

Two items just came up one after the other on my RSS reader. Their juxtaposition pleased me.

The Beagle entertains a royal visitor

...in the large, awkward shape of Queen Pomarre of Tahiti.

Darwin eats an excellent cat

As a former card-carrying member of the Glutton Club, Charles Darwin was pretty unsqueamish when it came to sampling strange flesh, but he did not at all relish the idea of eating calf foetus while travelling is South America. Fortunately, it turned out to be something decidedly more appetising: We did not reach the posta…